About Us

Welcome to Galactic Beasts!

Founded by E & R, Galactic Beasts was born from a shared vision to infuse practical fashion with the boundless possibilities of space, cosmos and science fiction. Our journey also began at the intersection of technology, brought by R, and spiritual art, enlightened by E. Driven by a desire to blend these worlds into something truly unique and have a space to express ourselves artistically. Every piece in our collections offers not just clothing but a piece of the universe itself.

We noticed a void in the market for a genuinely inspired space themed outfit. That's where Galactic Beasts aims to make a difference. Our mission is to fill this gap, providing sci-fi enthusiasts, space lovers, explorers and gamers with a collection that's as vast and varied as the universe itself.

In an age dominated by AI, where art often feels replicated and uninspired, we take pride in our human touch. Each design, each product at Galactic Beasts is crafted with care, ensuring that what you wear is not just another AI copy-paste but a piece of art that carries the spirit.

How about quality? It wins over quantity here. Firstly, we make products for ourselves. We test them, wash them, and wear them every day. If it does not prove itself as a quality product, it never appears as an item in the Galactic Beasts shop. Sometimes it takes months from the idea till the actual creation is ready for a launch.

As we continue to grow and explore new ways, your voice is invaluable to us. Galactic Beasts is on a quest for improvement, always eager to evolve with our community. We welcome your feedback, your ideas, and your dreams of what space inspired fashion can be.

Have a custom request? Want to share your thoughts or are interested in collaborating? Reach out! We're here to connect and create.

Join us on this journey. Together, we're not just wearing the universe; we're creating it.